The HDS technology

The USP of the ReneStor-M hydro-dynamic storage system lies in its efficiency, flexibility and sustainability. The innovative technology of the fully mechanical HDS, its parameters and performance exceed those of the well-established storage technologies, and those that are still in development.

In contrast to a pumped hydro storage facility, ReneStor-M’s HDS is a fully geographically independent unit and which be set up practically anywhere. It is more efficient and is much more compact with its minimum capacity of two megawatt hours. It can be scaled up to several hundred MWh or even to the size of few GWh.

Compared to electrochemical battery storage, HDS is considerably more stable and sustainable. With a lifespan of more than 80 years and at least 85,000 charging cycles without loss in performance, the HDS is times and times more durable and performant than batteries. Another decisive advantage of the HDS is that it produces a fraction of the CO2 emission compared environmental impact of manufacturing a battery storage system. In addition, 96 percent of the hydro-dynamic storage system can be recycled.