Enabling sustainable, environmentally friendly, stable and economical energy supply from renewable sources.


ReneStor-M’s mission is to significantly contribute to the energy transition by providing an innovative technology for sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient storage of renewable energy, so that major participants of energy sector, i.e. generators, grid operators and electricity consumers can benefit from clean low-cost energy.

ReneStor-M G.m.b.H.

Renewable Energy Storage & Management

was founded in spring 2018 with statutory purpose of “development, planning and construction of energy storage plants”.

The founding was preceded by several years of research and development of the hydro-dynamic storage systems (HDS) by Dipl.-Ing. Joseph Maier, partner and CEO of ReneStor-M.

In cooperation with the Technical University of Munich, the feasibility study of the innovative hydro-dynamic storage system was successfully completed in June 2018.

Dipl. Ing. Joseph Maier

Dipl. Ing. Joseph Maier


After completing his studies in mechanical engineering, Josef Maier started his career in 1964 as a planning engineer and worked as project engineer at various renowned German companies. In 1993 he founded J. Maier Paper Technology and in year 2000 the ICT-Systems AG in Ravensburg / Weingarten, Germany. In the past few years, Maier has developed the hydro-dynamic storage system with over 40 years of experience in plant construction and mechanical engineering. In spring 2018 he founded ReneStor-M GmbH and became its CEO. Joseph Maier is married and has two grown-up children.